Classism in Schools

Defined as being treated different as an individual because of ones social status, classism is a colossal concern especially in schools. Though many may not use this term it should be further explained in simpler ways so it can be identified by those who are naive. For those who know of it you have read between the lines of offensive words said by peers and possibly teachers.

Many persons around the globe think that it is the next big thing to racism in society as it can be identified anywhere social status is highly observed. It is a system in which persons are ranked based on their economic status, family linear job status, level of education and much more. In the education system worldwide classism goes along with gender inequalities as there are different types of schools. These are public,private, special ed., same-sex and mixed schools as each gives off a different ora and has different expectations especially varying from same-sex to mixed schools. It is perceived that same-sex schools are better off than mixed schools prior to the fact that these students are from high class backgrounds. In regard to an all girls institution, females seem to behave more poised and delicate or in other words “stush” because of the institution they attend or theu are automatically of a varying sexuality. As for an all boys school, males are often regarded as nerds or a homosexual because of their school choice, the way they walk or talk as well as their posture which is unfortunate.

Each school has its own problems especially classism as some persons in fact has more privileges than others whether it be materialistic or basic necessities. In Jamaica and other parts of the world has a “Meritocracy” which is a system in which hard work and talent is recognized and rewarded, but is this entirely so? Teachers usually have their favourites or their “teacher’s pets” according to students that they pick for everything not giving another person a chance to do what the other can. This leaves others to think that the child feels as though he/she is better than them because they can do whatever the teacher asks perfectly and so on. In mixed schools where you have boys and girls in an institution is oftentimes where classism and gender inequalities are more prominent as boys are perceived as slackers who idle and waste time as girl are usually the smart ones. This then leads to a competition for respective positions in academics. Boys are required to carry the chairs or tables to functions while girls line up or a classroom is dirty and every student is seated girls are most likely reprimanded for being nasty as they are females they are expected to clean and keep their area neat. There is nothing wrong with assigning roles to various genders but why not alternate, boys can be clean too, some are just as smart even smarter same as girls can be strong, some may be slow in learning as well, so gender inequality in its finest is obvious in those scenarios and I think it should stop. Never lessen the abilities and capabilities of any gender especially women as we are classed as natures maids or housewives we cook, clean and babysit as if there isn’t more to us as an individual. Men can do just the same, no gender is higher than the other we are all equals.

In same sex schools classism is the head of most conflicts and cause of separation and cliques. There is nothing wrong with having separate friends but it becomes an issue when a child is being bullied and taken advantage of especially due to there social status. I have seen and observed persons being bullied verbally and by the use of the internet because of their materialistic possessions whether it be clothes, shoes, phones even the way their parents might look and dress which is very childish to say the least. Let me then say a child cannot determine the possessions they get from their parents, a child does not work it is illegal for child labour to even take place. Children on a whole also did not knock on a door of a possibly unfortunate family and say “Hello Parents Its Me, Stepping Into Your Lives At A Broke State”. A person has no right to say another should have had this or that when you nor your parents are willing to provide it in a civilized way or form which would be corresponding with the parent of the possibly child in need.

Oftentimes boys suffer in the hands of student leaders and teachers especially where their hair is concerned. I have seen when schools allow boys with natural curls and has high faded hair are allowed unto the school premises while other who has regular negro hair and is high faded are asked to return home, their parents get called in and other means of punishment. In lights of dress codes in schools for events is also another issue classism tends to feed on. “Sara’s school is keeping their annual Jamaica Day, she got so excited to wear her new yellow sneakers her mom had bought her as well as he black jeggings pants which was two toned and her yellow polo shirt with a white crest. Unfortunately for Sara the Humanities Department stated no two toned outfits, black or white shoes only with white socks or else wear your uniform”. Sara here has to contemplate whether she breaks the rules to avoid being made fun at and the next Instagram story trend for the night or wear her uniform still gets made fun of but a bit more excessively by being called names such as poor etc. What would you have done if you were Sara? COMMENT DOWN BELOW in the comments section

I think it is totally fine to do whatever you want with your life or do what pleases you. If it is that you have or you parents provide you with everything and anything in other word “spoiled you” I have no issue. The issue lies where an individual who is or think they are “first class” is flaunting negatively to one who is seemingly lesser or has nothing close to what they have. Oftentimes persons see it as envy, it is envy but in what way. It is in the way of a person wishing they could at least wear a fashionably trendy shoes or a branded shirt, own a whole store as their closet and has the whole Apple and Samsung store in their room because of the way another decides to make them feel with their parents’ financial status.

Classism in schools should honestly be targeted and eliminated because it can cause a huge divide in social skills for most students and cause them to be more closed off from others. It can also drive a fear in them and this will lead to anxiety and low self-esteem which equals to zero confidence.


~ Jada (Grade 8): “I believe that based on your status, you are treated differently from others as we know people view each other differently. Persons will always have that pull to the person with cash at hand which gives them a certain mind control over them as everyone wants to be their friend, leaving the less fortunate ones by themselves causing them to feel unwanted and lonely”

~Allen (Grade 11): “Classism is mild at my school for it occurs in certain situations one in which i have found myself into. Guys with natural curls “coolie” can enter the premises without question as for those with negro hair will be asked to go to the barber, return home, call parent(s) or guardian and other punishments will usually be implemented”

~Jerome (Grade 11): “In my view, classism isn’t a major issue at my school with teachers having preferences over those of “upper class”, “middle class” and “lower class”. However, some of the students may choose friends based off their social class which sometimes leave some students socially marginalized.

~Moe (Grade 11): “The institution is based on class, if you are not rich might as well sit back and relax as you will not get the same opportunity as others whereas there are favourites. There has been cases whee student leaders who has been punished my breaching school rules are still chosen while those who fit the position are never given a proper chance. Classism and colourism are two of the most prominent social issues at the institution as the “upper class” those of the “lower class”

~Martin(Grade 11): “At my school there is no trace of that or I haven’t come across it as men we share “Suh if a man a eat a food a next man affi a eat to” so I haven’t necessarily come across it.

~Annah (Grade 8): “Student treat others unfairly as they are seen as up their level, make fun of them and take disadvantage”

~Porter (Grade 7): “Being at an all boys school you are not really shunned, you are just laughed at for a while and then its all fun and games afterwards. Though sometimes I honestly see it taking place and I hate it”


Are we not humans? Do we not have rights? Is being BLACK now a CRIME?

These are the questions running through my mind as I scroll through social media platforms seeing the gruesome murder of a man of colour by a person who has power and authority. He was murdered inhumanely by suffocation as he told the officer “I CAN’T BREATHE” whilst he was chest first on the asphalt with the officer literally kneeling into the back of his neck.

Over the years Blacks have been suffering at the hands of the law and are murdered coldly and inhumanely, which therefore leads the conclusion of racism. What is racism? It maybe defined as a loathe for a race allowing one’s race to feel more superior and has the right to dominate others and cause them to feel inferior in this case Whites vs Blacks. Those who study history, especially Caribbean History can state that racism has been prominent for a long time, since the days of slavery. Blacks were always belittled by those who were not of colour, we have been discriminated almost all our lives leading from the days of our African ancestors. Blacks have been beaten, mocked and slaughtered like pigs over the past years and to think because we are all now independent and free the loathe that was very prominent back then would be no more is now again uprising here in 2020, UNBELIEVABLE.

Words cannot describe how the black race is tired of the injustice in the various regions they live in, how unsafe most of them feel not knowing if they will make it back home to their families without being gun down and wrongly accused because of their own colour. BEING BLACK IS NOT A CRIME, we cannot control it the melanin that runs through our bodies is so strong that not even the amount of toning products cannot control forever. We were made this way, the same God those who think they are higher and more superior to us serve is the same one we blacks pray and worship. According to (Galations 3:28) “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus”, this scripture is showing the equality of us all no matter who or what we are we worship the same and only Supreme Being.


Yes we do matter, how will this look to the future generation as they see videos like these being circulated with gruesome murders of black folk and the injustice that comes along with it, it is not ok.  There are so many beautiful black children out there who are left without a mom, dad, a sibling, a fellow teacher, friends even idols these are people the future generation look up to help build them into strong men and women and this is being taken away from them in the blink of an eye mentally traumatizing them for life.

It is not right, so many unsolved murders of black folk and many who did not get justice for their families and deceased, it is HORRIBLE. Now is not the time to have a war against nations or races. We are facing a pandemic that is already taking enough lives across the globe and now persons still have the audacity to even have racial issues with and about others on their mind, SERIOUSLY. I hope this ends soon enough before it spirals out of control as Rick Ross said “One Nation Under God”

Rest in Peace to All the Black Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses who have been taken from us in this world. You all Mattered, still MATTERS, We Matter.


Your Own Person

In this day and age persons tend to want to have controlled authority over others. In simpler terms controlling a person’s level of thinking, emotions as well as mental status. But if you refuse to stand tall even if you are short, person will walk over you and no matter what you do nothing that a person requires of you in lights of them in most cases will never be good enough for them at the end of the day. At this point you may feel it is ok to be belittled at every attempt you make to please a friend, parent, sibling even teachers and this is not so.

If you are aware of your worth as an individual no matter what your age, race, your physical demeanour you can ignore almost anything that is thrown your way regardless of how harsh they may be. It is very important to have self worth as a person so you know your rights and can stand up for them and your self in positive scenarios.

Learning to express yourself is never easy as you may feel a spirit or an ora of anxiety over your body as you attempt to get across a valid point to someone especially those in higher authority. As stated before a person should know their rights especially in positive scenarios. Being that I am a teen soon to enter the adult world my rights as a child will be stripped away as I step foot into the world of adulthood and due to this my rights will change and now become those of an adult.

Now self expression is basically the way you put across ideas, creativity, thoughts and feelings in many ways which include art, music, dance and poetry and in my case blogging as I feel the need to express my thoughts and opinions on world wide topics and stuff that affects everyday life which impacts everyone young or old.

Confidence is an important part of self expression as you need to be as strong as possible to stand up on your own feet and say whatever it is you need to say for you are a human being and no one has the right to make you feel as though you cannot express yourself freely as an individual. Self expression in teenagers of our generation has been very vague as children have been belittled at a very tender age some are told they are never good enough, they are worthless, they are trash, a disgrace, dumb, stupid a mistake and on and on. It is appalling to know that parents and those in higher authority are dragging down the future making them turn to other alternatives such as drugs, gangs and fighting to feel as though they belong in this world and gain the attention of those set over them. Now there is nothing wrong with attention but its the extent a person goes to gain it and in those cases they are not good especially for a teenager.

It should never be that a parent or anyone older should drag down a child instead of building them and push them forward in the right direction. Abuse is not a correct method of punishment as many misinterpret the “Spare the rod and spoil the child” bringing it to a whole different level, from sexual abuse to physical abuse even mental and emotional abuse and at the end of the day the child is left traumatized, distraught and hurt and this often leads to the thought of self harming and suicide.

If adults are not careful of the way they handle a child or a teen the consequences will be grave as more youth will abuse drugs turn to gangs and other ways to end the pain they feel that crying alone cannot help solve. It is crucial that adults take the time out to learn about their child or children and help them to learn how to speak up and self express because bottling up any emotions can be very dangerous even in cases where the child may not be getting abused by anyone physically or sexually but that one harsh word said to them by someone else can bring their walls crashing down like the walls of Jericho.

Choose your own path and live your life for your own benefit. Hold your head high, learn from positive people and how they go about overcoming harsh realities no matter how famous or gorgeous they may seem as an individual.

Know yourself do what you like as long as it will have a positive outlook on your life in the future to come.

“Unexpressed emotions never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways” -Sigmund Freud

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